Bespoke business developments projects

We assist clients enter into new territories. We develop, originate, drive and deliver international business expansion organically, through acquisition and/or through other forms of collaboration.  

Our main focus has been on China (and Hong Kong), Middle East (Israel and UAE) and Europe, where we have extensive experience and trusted and reliable local connections.  

We have designed, delivered and integrated many acquisitions and other forms of collaboration for clients. We have also established commercial operations for clients in new territories. We have designed, prepared, carved-out and sold businesses for clients.

We have advised and assisted an Asian client identify and make investments in European companies (hi-tech, consumer goods) that presents them with large scale manufacturing and/or distribution opportunities in China.  

We have launched a client’s business in China, which included commercializing their products for the Chinese market, designing and implementation of their launch and distribution strategy in China, local testing and certification of their products, establishing alliances and co-operations with local partners for the manufacturing and distribution of their products and establishing a manufacturing facility in Hong Kong for production of sensitive elements of their products.

Business Integration & change management projects

We assist clients in delivering value through taking control, driving integration, operational & financial change and improvement, such change and improvements have included driving and delivering anticipated deal (collaboration) synergies and efficiencies.

A critical part to successful business integration is supporting and guiding local management through such change, whilst recognising, appreciating and respecting local cultures and practices.  We have extensive experience of integration in Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America.

We stabilized and improved a client’s supply chain in China (and increase its product ranges) and established its commercial operations into Europe (incl Eastern Europe) and Middle East.

We have driven and delivered client’s post deal activities, which includes taking control, integration into the their organization, implementing stable infrastructure (including assessing and implementing needed internal controls) to ensure stability and to allow organic growth, identification and resolving complex regional and/or retail related issues (incl. supplier income/rebates, anti-competition and litigation), and delivery of synergies/efficiencies anticipated in the acquisition rationale (incl. Buying, Own/Private labels and Exclusives, CRM and Loyalty).

Solving complex business issues

We assist clients in solving, and in driving the solution for, complex operational, financial and/or legal issues.

Most recently, we designed, implemented and drove the solutions to a long term complex cross border litigation where my client’s joint venture partner stole their interest in a very successful joint venture business.